OurFam Pastoral Team

Bob and Teri Null have been the Lead Pastors of First Assembly Meridian (OurFam) since 1998.  Our Fam Church is all about Jesus and all about reaching and strengthening Families.  Bob and Teri lead by example with all of their children and their families involved in the life of this church and ministry.  "Our greatest accomplishment is our Family." (Bob Null)
Bob and Teri have been involved in Ministry for about forty years and have spent more than half of those years at FAM.  Ordained by the Assemblies of God, Bob is a graduate of Southwestern AG College and holds a master's degree from Mississippi State University.  In addition to the pastorate, Bob is the Executive Presbyter for the North half of the Mississippi District Assemblies of God.
David Chandler: Associate Pastor and Senior Adult Minister.  David has been a part of OurFam Church for more than 20 years...  In addition, he also serves as a chaplain at a local hospital.  
OurFam Youth Pastor, Jaylen Vance has been a part of our church for most of his life.  He has grown up here, interned under former youth pastors, and has served as our current youth pastor for almost two years.  Jaylen is currently Working on his Bachelors degree at Mississippi College.
Children's Ministry:
Megan Tanner serves OurFam Families, as our Children's Pastor.  Her creativity and energy is compelling and contagious...  Megan has developed a team of committed volunteer Children's workers that cause our Children's Ministry to shine.  From Bed Babies and Children's Church, to VBS in the Summer, Megan is doing an amazing job.  The only way it could be better would be if you were to become involved.  Megan is currently enrolled in the Mississippi School of Ministry.
Ben and Leah Fraysur serve FAM as Our Worship Pastors.  Their hearts and passion for the Lord inspire us all and have enabled them to develop an amazing team.  
Ben and Leah recently became parents with the birth of their daughter.  
In the Time that Ben and Leah have been at FAM, Ben has completed his Doctorate in Optometry.  
Jimmy and Celina Reed serve as the Senior Associates at FAM.  Their ministry responsibilities cover a range of needs in support of the overall ministry and mission of our church.  In addition, they lead FAM 180 a discipleship/recovery ministry geared toward setting people free from life controlling issues.  Jimmy and Celina serve as pastors, and mentors.  Their love for and commitment to FAM is alway evident.